About Me


Forever chasing light….

It is hard to tell when my journey with photography began… It seems as though it has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a very artistic family; not to mention always having a family owned & operated Photo Studio/Lab be a part of my life. I remember being six years old and my aunt (who is also a photographer) teaching me to hand-colour black & white film prints. She gave me my first DSLR when I was thirteen & I couldn’t put it down. I entered several different competitions throughout the years, winning awards and publications in small contests and books. Before I knew it, I was booking my own sessions, getting my own repeat clients, and leaving my newly achieved Associates in Business Admin to attending Art Uni at 19. Since then my passion has only grown…
I now run a full-time photography business specializing in my love for natural light lifestyle photography, based in Austin Texas. I have taken photography with me all over the world as I got to travel & live in different places (Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, England, Florida). As I have grown in life, my photography, and passion for it, has grown as well.
Take a look around and I hope to meet you soon to help capture memories that you’ll cherish forever.