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"Maegan has been absolutely wonderful to our family. She's been able to captures moments of my daughters that I could never imagine. She's simply taken a screaming one year old and a super attitude 3 year and had created a work of art. I will forever use her as our family photographer as long as she'll have us."
- Banda


"I'm a beauty enthusiast and social media content creator. As of now, I have done 4 photoshoots with Maeg and couldn't be more thrilled! She made me feel so comfortable in front of the lens and I really value her creative influence! Not to mention the superb quality of the photos...super excited to see what we come up with for future projects!"
-A. Chin

Island Taste

"Island Taste is a local pattie shop in the Cayman Islands - when we heard Maegan was coming to town we were thrilled to have her come in to get some product photos!  The session gave us exactly what we were looking for - clean crips shots of our baked products.  Overall we are very happy with the outcome of these photos and hope to do business in the future when we start getting back into catering season!!
Thanks, Maegan - We greatly appreciate your work!
Sincerely, Island Taste Management"


"We are so pleased with the pictures. We got some truly memorable shots together. She captured our memories of that day. Meeting a photographer for the first time can sometimes be awkward and impersonal. To say the least, in family photos it is often hard to capture a genuine image of everyone individually, but Maegan helped us feel relaxed and comfortable. The experience of the photo shoot was awesome. Maegan and her cousin, her “free assistant” for the day, took great interest in our family’s story. It is not often that you get that kind of care in a shoot. It was an eventful day and they made it a great experience. Maegan kept us entertained, that is for certain! I would recommend her to preserve your memories."
-The Lewis Family


"Incredible experience! I describe the photoshoot as a FUN afternoon with my favorites. Maegan was able to capture so many action shots that make the process effortless. Easy accomodation and excellent price. Photos turn out amazing! I will totally recomend her and can't wait to have another photoshoot very soon!"


"Anyone can take a picture, a person with a passion sees the picture before it's taken." A photo is pretty much a pause button on a memorable moment. Maegan Harless has been my photographer for two years now. I am absolutely in love with her photography. It would be an understatement to say that she does an amazing job. She has built a bond with my son and I, which makes our sessions together very easy-going, perfect, and successful! She captures more than just a beautiful photo. Maegan manages to capture the raw moments and emotions. I don't have to plaster on a smile, she honestly makes my son and I laugh. I think that's very important and mainly why Maegan provides my family and I with the best photography. She genuinely cares about her clients and forms a bond that brings out the best in our pictures. I would highly recommend Maegan! Maegan manages to work with the toughest schedules and conforms to the times that convenience you. She is truly magical. We absolutely adore her! Thank you Maegan!"

Fatin & Serra

"Maegan is amazing! I needed senior pictures done and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn't have a theme or location in mind. I left it all up to Maegan and she suggested many locations. She helped narrow it down and found a location that fit everything in my criteria. She went over all the details including the small things such as the best time for outdoor lighting. Some of the places I had originally wanted to shoot my pictures at required a fee. Maegan made sure to adjust to my budget by finding me a better location that didn't have a fee. I was very happy! I'm not a photogenic person but Maegan truly brought out the best of me in my pictures. They were beautiful and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again Maegan!"


"Maegan captured our hearts! She did a great job on our maternity session, and was so patient when it came time for newborn pictures! She had a ton of props to choose from and brought a fun energy. So thankful for our precious family memories!!"


"Maegan did an amazing job capturing the earliest days of our new baby's life during our newborn photo shoot. She brought creative ideas on lighting, 'wardrobe', props and poses. Her gentle touch and approach allowed our little guy to comfortably sleep through the entire session. She was even able to get pictures in with his older siblings. The pictures captured are simply stunning. Something that will go down in our family history books for generations to come. Great work Maegan!"
- The Rockman family


“Maegan made the entire process very seamless and so easy. She is extremely professional and prompt in regards to scheduling, questions, and delivering the final product. She was great with our two little ones and somehow did the impossible, capturing amazing pictures of our two crazy boys that I can’t wait to display around the house! We will definitely be using Maegan in the future.”


“From start to finish, my experience with Maegan was absolutely wonderful! Thank you for capturing my precious boys – even though for most of the shoot they were not acting so precious! You were patient during my multiple outfit and prop changes, creative, professional and gave me exactly what I wanted – a special memory of my children that I will have for a lifetime!“


“Let me start by saying Maegan is AMAZING and very, very, patient. Her patience was key in getting the perfect pictures of my daughters, my oldest wasn’t an issue but my non-stop one year old won’t be still for anything. I love how she was so calm throughout the entire session and worked with me on exactly what I wanted. The pictures turned out perfect and I couldn’t be more happy with them. I can’t wait to do more sessions with her!!! Thank you Maegan for running all over the park that day to catch the perfect shots!”


“I heard about Maegan from a friend and was so excited when I booked her for my maternity shoot! I was a little nervous and we talked the week before and she made plans and talked about anything and everything and made me feel so comfortable and so excited for what we were going to do. I had a blast and felt so at ease with her; I booked her for another one with my boyfriend and it was even better then the first and I loved my pictures so much! She even came to my baby shower. (: Of course when my baby girl was born she was there when she was 3 days old. She came to me and was so helpful and understanding with feedings and meltdowns of a newborn. She was so great with her and my pictures are more then I could ever ask for. I cannot wait till she is 6 months to have a family shoot! I cannot say enough about her, and definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great friend who gives you great pictures. (:”


“This was our first time doing family photos and we are so happy we went with Maegan. We have two young kids (4 years and 16 months), and anyone with kids knows that getting the perfect photo can be really tricky. My son is in a mommy phase and my daughter CANNOT stay still. Maegan did a great job in keeping their attention on her while my husband and I just sat there and smiled. She even brought a bubble machine! I will absolutely be using her again and you should too!”


“This was my first time doing newborn pictures with my daughter and Maegan was absolutely wonderful to work with. Newborn pictures are very stressful and not to add that was my first time getting out with my daughter. She was 3 weeks at the time, and a little fussy. Maegan was so calm and patient with her. I was a complete nervous wreck but Maegan made me really feel at ease and we loved having her take our pictures. She is really amazing at what she does and we can’t wait for our next session with her! I would highly recommend this talented lady. Thanks again Maegan!”


“I have worked with many photographers but I am thrilled to have had the chance to have Maegan take newborn pictures. The shoot was fun, laid back, professional and creative. The pictures were just what I wanted. A friend of mine even said that every mom must be jealous of you. :) I love the way she framed my baby’s face in some of the close ups, I adore some of the pictures with the outfits and I know I will always cherish these images. I wish nothing but the best for her professionally and I know she will do well because her work is amazing and I know she will always give people more than they expect. Her images speak for themselves if you browse through you will see.”


“I recently adopted a dog, Sadie, and I ran into Maegan at the dog park with her dog.  They became instant best friends so Maegan and I started talking.  She told me she was a photographer and showed me some of her work. I was impressed!
Maegan did a Christmas photoshoot with me and my dog. She was very professional and brought a comfortable and fun atmosphere.  Maegan worked so well with my dog and could recognize when she was getting tired or antsy.  She had wonderful ideas about poses and backgrounds and really works well with natural lighting.  Maegan was also open to ideas that I had had and worked with me to enhance the shot.  After the photoshoot, I received all of my pictures edited within a week and a half.  With her Christmas special, I received a bonus Christmas card that she had created but allowed me to add my input throughout the process.
I would work with Maegan again, hands down!  She has great prices for all that you get.  I would recommend her to any of my friends or family, especially if they were interested in pictures of their pets.”


“I’ve worked with Maegan a few times now and I am thoroughly impressed with her work!
My first time was for photos of my dog Nala; she’s a coonhound so it’s extremely hard to keep her attention. Maegan was amazing with her and they turned out so wonderful.
The second time I worked with Maegan it was my dog and I for my boyfriends birthday card. I was in a walking boot due to a recent accident and she knew poses that worked for me with my dog so that my horrible boot was hidden. Not only could you not even tell I had a boot on, but she also helped design my boyfriend’s birthday card. He loves pink, but I just didn’t know how to incorporate it without it looking too feminine; it turned out perfect.
Lastly and most recently she did a couples photo shoot for my boyfriend and I. It was my first couples shoot, I did have a fear of it looking very posed – just like everyone else’s I’ve seen. She made every picture look wonderful and not posed at all. It also didn’t look tacky like most shoots you see nowadays.
I have thoroughly enjoyed every chance I’ve had to work with her. She’s very nice, helpful, professional and a very well rounded and talented young lady! I can’t wait to work with her again.”


"I had never done a professional photo shoot before working with Maegan, so I was really excited when she asked me. The weather had other plans for us, however, and it poured rain the entire time. We both were soaking wet, but she still made it fun. The pictures turned out amazing too! We decided on another shoot the next week, since most of her ideas got rained out. The weather once again disagreed and it was in the 30's. We are probably crazy because we decided to still do it. Maegan doesn't let the weather stop her, she'll spend hours freezing to get your pictures done and despite how cold and/or wet you are, the pictures will still end up beautiful and you will have a lot of fun working with her."


"I had never done a professional photo shoot before working with Maegan, so I was really excited when she asked me. The weather had other plans for us, however, and it poured rain the entire time. We both were soaking wet, but she still made it fun. The pictures turned out amazing too! We decided on another shoot the next week, since most of her ideas got rained out. The weather once again disagreed and it was in the 30's. We are probably crazy because we decided to still do it. Maegan doesn't let the weather stop her, she'll spend hours freezing to get your pictures done and despite how cold and/or wet you are, the pictures will still end up beautiful and you will have a lot of fun working with her."


“I had the pleasure of meeting Maegan for the first time a few months ago. She did a large family shoot for my fiancé’s family and I. It was quite a day–it ended up raining and our shoot was scheduled to be outside. After sweating from the humidity and getting wet from the rain, we were all a little disgruntled. Maegan was so kind and patient with us. She allowed us to really loosen up and we all ended up having a really good time! I was a little skeptical about how our pictures were going to turn out because of the rain, but they could NOT have been better! Maegan is such a talented photographer and her use of natural lighting is amazing! I was so pleased with our pictures, I asked her to do a shoot for our 6 month old baby girl. Yet again, I was blown away with the results! Maegan is wonderful with babies and she even got a shot of our sweet dog. We are having some of the shots printed on canvas to hang in our home.
I would highly recommend Maegan to anyone who is looking for a professional photographer. She’s a pleasure to be around and I look forward to shooting with her again in the future!”

Owner of StitZii

“I had never used a photographer and needed one for product shots for my company. I did not even know what to ask for or what to expect. To be honest I was very nervous on trusting somebody to essentially represent my vision of my product.
Within 15 minutes of our meeting I knew I had somebody that was very knowledgeable and professional. Maegan was able to put me at ease and answer all my questions and raise additional ones I had not even thought of and answered them too. I knew I had hit a home run with her when other people I had hired wanted to know if they could have her phone number. I could not believe my eyes when I got her finished pictures! They looked better than my products did in person!
We have decided to use Maegan in all future photography needs of our company.”


“Maegan Harless, an up and coming professional photographer, did two sets of photoshoots for my company Its A Dogs World Ltd.
She did photos of my dogs to model for the business; and I must say she got the most beautiful expressions out of them and one was truly amazing of my paraplegic poodle who will forever be remembered from this photo.
Maegan was professional on all levels and did her outmost to truly satisfy me on all levels. I highly recommend her talent and her ability to get the shots.”


“I did a collaborated project with Maeg to advertise my make-up services for Carnival season in Jamaica. It was an absolute pleasure working with Maegan on my Carnival project. She is not only warm and friendly but also very professional and efficient. I received the photos within the week of the photoshoot and was very pleased with the quality of the images. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a top photograper.”


“When I had learned Maegan was going to be returning to South Florida for some time, I knew I had to occupy any of her free time to get in front of her lens! I had worked with her previously and have never left a shoot unsatisfied. She is always giving honest feedback on how a picture is turning out (and then I get to leave knowing my pictures are going to be flawless). She’s an absolute joy to have around and makes you feel completely at ease.
My most recent shoot in Fort Lauderdale with her was no different. She spent over an hour taking photos of us on location dealing with the elements. Maegan coached us with our poses and the photos turned out amazing. We look confident, comfortable, and natural. Maegan has a real talent and you should definitely book a session with her!”


“I’ve worked in television production and production in general for a couple of years. I’ve worked around photographers for quite some time and in my opinion Maegan Harless is hands down one of my favorite photographers and favorite people to work with. She is professional and friendly at the same time. I worked with Maegan when I modeled in a mini-photoshoot and was really happy with the end result. I highly recommend Maegan Harless to anyone who needs that beautiful moment captured to hold onto for a lifetime of great memories.”


“I’ve known Maegan for a few years and have been a fan of her photography since I first met her. She has such an eye for the shot I knew I had to work with her. She knows how to make the shoot fun and how to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera. She continues to grow and her work continues to get better and better. I would recommend her for any shoot you’re looking for and I personally hope to work with her again soon.”


“I have worked with Maegan on several different occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. In my first experience with her, I was actually not the one in front of the camera but was assisting a friend who was working with Maegan. The photographer was extremely reassuring through out the whole process and made the model feel comfortable and at ease. She was also very helpful in suggesting poses and tones through actually physical demonstration and the shoot went along smoothly and had amazing results!
In my own shoots, Maegan was again a blast to work with! She took into great account my own artistic vision as well as contributing her own creative input. Though we shot in many gorgeous locations, both in the US and in the Cayman Islands, I would have to say my favorite shoot with her was at our Daytona Beach location. Maegan was outstanding in her communication of the emotional intent of the shots as well as providing guidance for posing in a more natural/whimsical setting. She also brought to the table some extraordinary ideas one of which included carefully capturing reflections in the beaches more shallow waters. Overall, I have nothing but great things to say of Maegan and my experiences with her and would recommend her talents and services to anyone!”

Alyson Hay

“If you want high-quality, creative photographs while having a good time – then look no further!
I have known Maeg for over 5 years and she has done several different shoots for me ranging from personal fun ones, family and with my boyfriend and I.
Each photoshoot was so much fun and the photos showed it. Maeg has a natural way of making you feel comfortable and capturing candid shots. One thing I love about her is that she will literally get on her hands and knees for the perfect angle.
I love all the photographs she has taken for me and I believe it is because they are not your average photographs. Maeg has a creative touch to her photos and part of this can be attributed to the consultation sessions she holds prior to a shoot. Maeg will find out exactly what you would like to achieve from the session and then will go the extra mile by thinking or researching the perfect poses and locations + she shares these with you beforehand so you can prepare and get excited.
Maeg’s professionalism is one to brag about! Always on time, equipment is prepared and photos are completed in a timely manner.
Give her a shot! Literally.”


“My first experience with Maegan was a good one. She was quite reassuring, and very professional! Both shoots were fantastic, and I did have a lot of fun doing both of them. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience.”


“I’ve done three photoshoots in total with Maegan and they have all been great experiences! I have done other photoshoots with other photographers in the past, but my favorite ones have been when I worked with Maeg. She makes her shoots interesting and everyone involved feel comfortable.
Other bikini photoshoots I have done in the past, I was never fully comfortable, however, when Maeg shot me she was able to make me feel completely comfortable with myself and I was not nervous at all! She has great ideas and gives great feedback while shooting. She takes pride in her work, always checks how her photos are coming out constantly to check the lighting and quality.
The thing I loved the most about shooting with her was how she knew if I wouldn’t like how a photo was coming out and would let me know and try to give me a suggestions in what to change. This was great since past experiences the photographers would never let me know and in the end i was never fully satisfied with all the photos since a lot didn’t come out how I wished, and if only they had told me to change my pose or fix something than maybe the photos would have been better.
She shows passion and creativity with all her photos! She came to me first with the idea of the snake photoshoot and I fell in love instantly! I love how she tries to go for “different” ideas and not just take the regular bikini shoots that mostly everyone does. My favorite photoshoot was definitely the snake one since it was exotic and original. She also acts super enthusiastic during shoots, always laughing and smiling which really made me feel more comfortable and also just made me connect with her more. I love the style of photos she takes, she captures moments that usually photographers don’t care to catch, such as a picture of me laughing randomly which wasn’t on purpose, yet she captured it and it just comes out pretty and is real – not fake. She captured tons of different angles, close-ups, and moved around a lot. This was great since when I got my photos each photo was always slightly different and was never just “repeated” photos that just look the same.
The couples photoshoot I did with Maeg was so much fun! My boyfriend at the time had never done a photoshoot yet he felt completely comfortable with Maeg right away. Maeg never made me feel awkward in any of my shoots! From all the photoshoots I’ve done with her, I have loved all my photos and was able to get all my photos in a CD right away with hardly no wait. I’ve had bad experiences with this, with usually waiting weeks or months for a CD of all my photos from other photographers. She would also give me small samples while I waited for my CD, and always kept in constant communication with me so I never had to go to her to ask an update on the CD. She is seriously ORIGINAL and an amazing photographer! I would shoot with her again without hesitation since it has always been a pleasure to shoot with her!:)”


“Maegan and I have been good friends for many years now so when my boyfriend and I decided that it was time we get some professional shots done, I gave her a call! Maegan was more than happy to fit us in to her rather busy schedule with her other shoots and it was so much more than appreciated! I was really hoping to get some great sunset shots along the beach, however the weather had other plans for us! We got Maegan out of bed bright and early on an absolutely perfect Sunday morning. My boyfriend and I were pretty nervous about the shoot in general because it was our first time but once we got into the shoot it was one of the greatest experiences in our relationship. Maegan had many great ideas, and in following through with those ideas, she gave us some amazing memories to hold on to forever! Though we didn’t get the sunset we wanted, the bright blue skies were just as beautiful and we are still more than happy with the shots we got! I would recommend Maegan Harless to anyone and I cannot wait for our future shoots to come!”


“Being a make up artist on set is not as easy as many people believe, but working with Maegan definitely makes my job more enjoyable! Her creative style and professionalism goes a long way and allows for beautiful photographs. Maegan has a great eye for angles and really knows how to work the light, and models best attributes.
I was never disappointed with the photographs Maegan produced and would be more than willing to work with her again in the future. Highly recommended!”


Model for ‘Melting Hearts’ commercial photoshoot.
“I connected with Maeg the second after I met her at the photoshoot. She was always very receptive and really professional. It was a really fun shoot and she captured the best moments of it. I´m really glad I had the opportunity to work with such a talented photographer.”


“Maegan and I had been friends when we first decided to do a shoot together, although we hadn’t been close or known each other long. I had never been in a photoshoot before and when Maeg brought the idea up to me I was thrilled. It was mainly for fun and games but the experience and results were amazing. She made me feel totally comfortable and assisted me with all of my poses. I was completely clueless as to how to model, and she got beside me and actually guided me step by step on what to do.
Overall I have done two photoshoots with Maeg and both of them were a blast. The pictures came out amazing and her editing is fantastic. I would recommend her to any beginner hoping to model because she will truly help you step out of your comfort zone as she did with me. Other than that, her pictures come out amazing no matter what she is capturing.“

Carol Hay

“Our company used Maegan Harless Photography in 2010 when we were updating our Web page.
Our company had tried to do it ourselves to save money but our unprofessional shots cheapened the website. Maegan was recommended by a friend as an affordable alternative and we were thoroughly impressed by her professionalism and price. So much so that our family called upon Maegan to do a personal shoot at Christmas the following year for a family reunion. She managed to capture the moments brilliantly as we weren’t the easiest or cooperative group! Using humor and knowing just when the moment was right, Maegan was able to create a memorable portfolio of snapshots that we shall cherish. She has an uncanny eye for a shot that seems to work every time. That’s not learned – that’s raw talent.“